Brand Information

    100% boiled wool, all soft-sole styles feature either (depending on the style) a double felt sole with non-skid dots or a polyurethane-saturated felt, non-skid sole. Boiled wool molds to the foot like a second skin, while letting the foot breathe freely: consequently, you will never experience a hot foot and your foot will always maintain a comfortable room temperature. Consequently your circulation will stay at the same rate. Boiled wool is very lightweight, soft and cuddly, yet sturdy. The most important feature is the latex foot support – it feels like built in foot massage. Our 100% boiled wool from Germany is very sturdy and machine washable; wash warm, toss in the dryer for five minutes, stuff it with paper overnight and… voila, the slipper looks like new! Haflinger house shoes are not only the world’s most comfortable slippers but they also have wonderful health properties that will enhance your overall well being.

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